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9 Nifty New Features in our Upgraded Employee WebApps

Posted by James Faw on Mar 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM


As a company, Altus Dynamics is committed to constantly improving our software in order to enhance our clients’ productivity and deliver leading ERP and CRM solutions to social benefit organizations.

Our product team has recently launched an upgrade to our current WebApps platform, which includes a new user interface as well as many platform and page changes. Below we've outlined the 9 things you'll love most about the new and improved Altus Dynamics WebApps platform.

1. Optimized for Use on Multiple Devices

The new Employee WebApps application can be accessed anywhere due to improved responsive design, with pages optimized for desktop browsers or tablets. Just tap into an internet connection, log in to WebApps, and you can stay on top of your organization’s financial and HR activities no matter where you are!WebApps_Surface.jpg


2. Multiple Column Search

In the Purchase Requisitions, Financial Approval, and Purchase Orders pages users can now search by values in any of the columns by defining their search criteria to a single field, helping you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.


3. Increased Pagination

Pagination has been changed on the Purchase Requisitions, Financial Approval, and Purchase Order pages so users are now able to view double the records per page, allowing for a more complete view and less clicking and scrolling for your users.


4. Combined Action Icons

Actions to View, Copy, or Delete a document have been moved to a hover-over icon on the right of each line on the Purchase Requisitions, Financial Approval, and Purchase Orders pages, making the pages look cleaner and accumulating your action buttons into one convenient location.


5. Accordion Style Tabs

Tabs across the top of many pages have been converted into easily adjustable accordion-style drop downs that facilitate the easy selection of data to be displayed and keep pages looking clean and streamlined.



6. Status Indicator Relocation

The Status Indicator has been moved to the top of the Purchase Requisition and Financial Approval pages so that users can effortlessly view where they are at any stage in the purchasing and approval process and move the process forward with ease. The Financial Approval page also allows users to approve or deny a document with ease.



7. Combined Shipping & Receiving

The old Shipping and Receipts tabs on the Purchase Order and Receiving page are now combined into a single accordion and have been renamed to Shipping & Receiving. Within the accordion there are two sections to show shipping information and receiving information. These sections’ lines can be expanded to view more detailed information by clicking them.


8. Advanced Filtering Options

The advanced filtering options are now hidden by default and users can turn on the field when they want more specific filter options to display. Once turned on, the advanced filter displays Dimensions, Currency, and G/L Account filtering options. This is a great space saver for users who need the default selections visible, while enabling effortless filtering when specifics are required.webapps_-_filtering.png


9. Easy Deployment and Development

The new WebApps platform allows for simplified installation, setup, and deployment and incorporates platform enhancements, including a loose-coupling/clear-tiered system. This saves you time getting up and going on the platform, meaning you can get back to focusing on what really matters.


Want to know more about how our WebApps can help empower your staff? Visit our website for more information.


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