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Five Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with the Altus Scheduling Tool

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Apr 6, 2016 11:30:00 AM


You’re busy. We understand. Every hour is valuable when you’re delivering high-quality services to your community. At Altus Dynamics, we’ve created a tool that makes scheduling a breeze so that you can focus on what really matters. Here are some of the reasons you’re going to love the scheduling functionality our solution offers:

1. Easy Scheduling with Smart, Connected Data

With the Altus Dynamics Scheduling tool, we believe in the power of integration and accurate data that is accessible easily! When staff are first entered into the system, all of their availability, skills, certifications, and training information is captured and presented in an easy-to-read way when it comes time to create the schedule. This means it’s easy to make informed scheduling decisions for any location, eliminate shift conflicts, notify employees of work shifts automatically, avoid human error, and produce perfect timesheets every month.


2. Training Integration

You pride yourself on offering valuable community services and your funders and program standards dictate you keep staff certified. Staying on top of certification expirations and taking into account when staff are training so you don’t schedule them is no easy feat. Often you are tracking this information in different systems. That’s where we come in. We understand that keeping track of where your staff are makes scheduling tough so we make sure our scheduling system knows who’s on training so you don’t schedule them. Not only that, our system will update their credentials so that they are now eligible and can be suggested to work at additional locations after their training is completed. This means you’ll be constantly upping your game instead of constantly trying to look up and maintain staff information.


3. Shift Bidding (Staff Requests)

Holidays, weddings, family vacations – maybe your staff are looking to pick up a few extra shifts to make a bit of extra money? With our scheduling tool you can easily list shifts that have yet to be filled and staff can electronically request to be placed on those shifts. With a full list of staff who have requested the shift - ranked by seniority, credentials and skills - it’s easy for you to pick the right employee for the right location (and they get to make some extra money to take their kids to Disneyland – it’s a win-win!).



4. Employee Self-Service

David finally bought that condo with the view. Susan updated her phone number. Our contact information seems to be constantly changing, but with our tool it’s easy for your employees to log in and update all of their information themselves. This means you don’t have to chase them around to get new information (or call and find out you’ve got the wrong number!) and they will still receive the company Christmas card during the holidays.



5. Integration with Finance and Payroll

It’s the end of the pay period and all of your shifts were filled perfectly – now it’s time to do payroll. Because our scheduling, time tracking, and finance tools are integrated, payroll becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Process staff payroll and expenses online with the click of a button. Create timesheets devoid of human error to eliminate over or underpaying st aff. Pull reports in real time and print or export them quickly. As well, your staff will have online access to paystubs, T4s, and ROEs – reducing your internal paper processes and a tree or two! We also think you shouldn’t have to spend endless hours printing reports or sifting through excel spreadsheets to find information. We believe you should be able to drill down from the GL into payroll transactions without leaving your GL. Our solution is all-in-one so your finance team can see payroll transactions in summary or in detail. Everyone has the same song sheet!



For more information on our scheduling tool or to download our whitepaper on Integrated Employee Scheduling, click here.

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