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Altus Employee Portals are now called Employee Web Apps. But why the change?

Posted by Colin Marsh on Dec 12, 2014 12:00:00 PM

EmployeeWebApps_Logo_718Same great solution for empowering staff and distributing access, only the name has changed.

But why change the name at all? Well, the way people are interacting with technology is changing. How employee’s access information is increasingly containing a mobile element and the terminology is changing along with it. The term App, is now a common method to refer to simple, or not so simple programs that run on mobile devices, tablets and even the most recent editions of Windows.

Considering this shift, we felt it was time to modernize the name of our product, from Portals, which had become a little dated, to what they essentially are – web-based applications, or Web Apps.

For those familiar with our Web Apps, whether they are for finance or HR, rest assured, the features, functionality and benefits you have enjoyed will remain. The Altus Dynamics Employee Web Apps will continue to remain a core strategic component of our ERP solution. We will continue to invest in expanding and improving them, further leveraging the latest developments in platforms, interfaces, mobility etc to provide productivity enhancement tools.

For those unfamiliar with our Web Apps, here are some great features of the product:

  • Employees can make purchase requests through any device with a web browser – speeding up approvals and purchases.
  • Schedule Management – employees can make requests for certain shifts, or ‘bid’ on open shifts. This gives your employees more empowerment over their personal schedules and minimizes the amount of time managers have to spend creating them.
  • Online Paystubs – employees can view their personal paystubs instantly and securely through the web application. With this feature, the HR department doesn’t have to print and hand or post out paper pay stubs – reducing costs, paper work and time.

These great features give your staff the freedom to check the information they need to, whenever they need to and from their own devices - without having to go to the finance or HR department.

The Employee Web Apps also give your organization cost savings. With the ability for your employees to access and manage a lot of their information through a web application, this minimizes the amount of full license users your organization would need on the back end accounting and HR solution.

So there you have it, same great solution, only the name has changed. To find out more about how Employee Web Apps can have a positive impact on your operations and the organization as a whole, click here.

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