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Altus Dynamics Software – We’re Mobile Ready, Are You?

Posted by Katherine Budreau on Jun 20, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Mobile_718Organizations, whether they are commercially focused or not for profits are benefiting immensely from mobile technology. The ability to pick up any device and have instant access to all of the organization's tools – email, customer data, information, applications, etc. – not only increases productivity but also increases collaboration internally among the organization and externally to constituents. Making mobile investments in your organization's software enables your employees to work the way they like from wherever, whenever.

  • Mobile_CRMConstituent Information on the Go - Many non-profits are investing in mobile websites to increase ease of access to information about their organization, news, and events, but what if they took it one step further? Imagine having your organization’s contact data easily accessible on your phone or tablet? Your employees could be on the road and have the ability to track, add, remove or adjust donor, sponsor, or member information directly in the CRM software. There’s no need to carry a bulky laptop around or use an outside data tracking system, or worse a pad and pen, which you later manually input into your CRM solution. This increases your organization’s efficiency and processes and ensures everyone in the organization has the same information at the same time. Solutions such as Dynamics CRM 2013 can offer your organization these capabilities. Mobility is becoming crucial as more staff members are working remotely and/or from multiple locations. With almost half of all emails being read on mobile devices it would be incredibly valuable for your staff to be able to access your organizations CRM database right on their smartphone.
  • Financial Management from Anywhere - In the ERP space, mobility also has a significant contribution to make to operational efficiency. Altus Dynamics’ entire Employee Portal Suite is available on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Our Analysis Portals allow your staff members (with the right permissions) to access financial reports, budget vs. actual data, etc. all from their mobile device or web browser – allowing your staff to make faster financial decisions with accurate up to date information. Our Purchase Request portals when accessed on mobile give your staff the ability to make purchase requests, check budget availability, see who needs to approve and then route requests through approvals completely online. Your organization could do expense claims and vacation time approvals all from a mobile device! For a real world example, read our Canadian Museum of History case study.
  • Employee Self Service From Their Device – Staying connected to employees is vital for an organization’s employee engagement. Productive employees need easy to use tools to make a holiday request, check how much vacation balances they have and even update their information, for example if they moved recently. With Altus Dynamics ERP – Employee Self Service Tools, much of these HR capabilities are at your employee’s fingertips.
  • More Mobile Apps from Microsoft - Most recently, Microsoft showed its commitment to the mobile development space when they acquired Capptain, which is a response marketing solution provider specializing in mobile and web apps. Microsoft has recognised the increasing need to provide mobile services and with Capptain, it will have the ability to develop apps for real-time user and push notification. With powerful new mobile apps you could update your sales team with quarterly results by a push notification on their mobile through an app instead of sending a mass email. This would give your team members instant notifications when new reports are developed, and the entire team could view and respond through their mobile from anywhere.

The future is truly mobile and smart organizations are making mobile investments in their software to keep up with the new ‘always on’ employee. To illustrate the point, according to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) a specialized United Nations agency, in 2013 there were 96 cell-phone subscriptions for every 100 people in the world – which is more people than own a toothbrush!. It also predicts that by the end of 2014 there will be almost 7 billion mobile subscriptions. These statistics are of course staggering, but it truly demonstrates how mobile our world has become and will continue to grow in sophistication. We and partner organizations like Microsoft are ready for the mobile age. Will yours be!

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