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Altus Dynamics' Fiscal Year '17 Launch Party

Posted by Nikki Trinnear on Jul 19, 2016 10:00:00 AM


On Thursday, July 14th Altus Dynamics kicked off our new fiscal year with a bang! The day proved to be an exciting one with presentations full of impressive information from each department and some new changes the company will be seeing in the future. We finished off the day by heading to Escape Games Canada, where the team was definitely brought closer together!

In the morning we heard from each of our departments, where they discussed not only our past fiscal year but their plans to make FY17 that much better. Throughout the presentations we gave out our employee awards for Innovation, Culture, and Excellence. These awards were voted on by every member of the Altus team and are a true reflection of the hard work and dedication these three individuals have.2016-07-18_16-41-57.jpg


The winner of our 2016 Innovation Award was Irina Kon. She demonstrated her passion for always finding new and better ways to do things at Altus, and constantly strove for improvement throughout the past year.




The winner for our 2016 Culture Award was Kinley Graham. He clearly demonstrated his passion for Altus as an organization, the people who work here, and making this a great place to work.



Finally, our winner for the President’s Award for Excellence was Dean Carrotte. He continuously goes the extra mile in everything he does to ensure our clients are extremely happy and the product we provide is second to none.


After all of the awards and presentations were finished, we had a delicious lunch together as a group before heading off to Escape Games Canada. Here we became closer as a team mainly because we were too scared to let go of each other’s hands! The different missions were equally exciting and terrifying, and left people talking about them for hours.

Check out this short video of our FY17 Launch celebration:



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