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Accounting For Government From Virtually Anywhere

Posted by Katherine Budreau on Dec 23, 2014 11:30:00 AM

WorkingFromAnywhere_718When it comes to operating finances in a government-based organization, going cloud is just one aspect of running operations more effectively – functionality matters too. Accounting management in a government-based organization means tight budgetary controls, intuitive tools for staff to enter purchases or requests, useful grant management features and faster reporting.

With Altus Dynamics ERP, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365, your employees can:

  • Access the solution from virtually anywhere, using a tablet, smartphone or computer. This gives your staff the ability to do their job effectively whether they are in the office or off-site.
  • Simplify their day with one password and one user experience for each staff member.
  • Bring email, calendar and files together with your data, reports and business management.

However, like I mentioned above, you need functionality as well as business anywhere capabilities. I’ve mapped out 6 accounting functionalities government-based organizations should expect from today’s robust ERP solutions:

1. Advanced Procurement

Ensure your employees have the tools available on their devices to enable them to enter purchasing requests, cheque requests, online depositing and budget report viewing with complete drill down capabilities and dashboards.

2. Commitment Accounting

Be sure the Chart of Accounts shows your accounting staff the ‘real deal’ – with commitment accounting features you’ll eliminate those nasty spreadsheets your team maintains behind the scenes just to be sure your budgets make sense.

3. Electronic Payments & Direct Debits

Collect payments from citizens and customers directly from their bank account with Direct Debit Collections. This ensures efficient payment processes, done electronically – eliminating ‘lost in the mail’ cheques and cheque depositing. It also gives citizens and customers a sure way of making the proper payment, on time and lets them budget more effectively.

4. Interaction/Document Management

Record all the interactions your staff have with citizens - phone calls, letters, emails, etc. and attach these documents to the citizen file for record and invoicing purposes.

5. Outlook Client Integration

Along the same lines as document management; sync contacts, emails and to-dos, from your financial management solution to your email account. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can sync to Outlook or vis versa.

6. Multiple Languages

As a government organization your staff are often bilingual, along with your citizens and customers. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can switch languages in real-time – making it easy for your staff to use in their preferred language and also making it easy to print invoices and documents in multiple languages.

Stay tuned to our blog as we provide more strategies for improved financial management with grant reporting and management, reporting and budgeting.

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