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6 Ways Technology will Shape the Non-Profit Sector in 2015

Posted by Nicola Dickinson on Feb 2, 2015 4:00:00 PM

winding-road_718The more tech savvy workforce is causing a lot of change within organizations. From the inside, tech savvy employees are driving the demand for more intuitive technology that can be accessed from anywhere on any device – true interoperability. From the outside, the tech savvy population is demanding a more seamless donor process whether that’s being able to donate though a mobile device or app, being able to make easy online payments, or just being kept in the loop about the organization through social media.

Technology is moving at an ever faster rate, and 2015 is no different. Here are our picks for the 6 technology trends that will have the biggest impact in 2015.

1. Mobile

Going mobile is no longer about carrying a single mobile device. It now means the ability for any user to pick up any device in the context of what they are doing and have instant access to all of their “stuff” – settings, data, applications, etc., that follow the user and flow seamlessly from device to device, location to location.

2. Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics

In 2015, having effective big data analytics tools as part of your ERP or CRM system is crucial. With easier to use solutions, personalization, and analytic capabilities, users who were clerical in the past can now become more focused on analyzing data and making decisions based on deep insight into your organizations operation. It’s powerful stuff.

3. Inter-operability

Users are putting more and more emphasis not just on how solutions operate, but on how they inter-operate. ERP and CRM solutions’ ability to work with other core productivity tools will create greater user adoption outcomes, increased productivity and will help retain employees.

4. Cloud

Cloud is one of the fastest growing areas of enterprise software today. With non-profits that have multiple locations, then Cloud solutions are extremely appealing. All of the organization’s data is collected and updated instantly in one place – so everyone is always seeing the most up-to-date data available in the system. What were main concerns with the Cloud in the past, such as data-privacy, is becoming less of a concern as the technology continues to grow, become more secure and offer more hosting options.

5. Social media

We all know social media is on 24/7 - it’s a constant source of real-time feedback. Feedback that in the past could have taken days, weeks, or even months to collect data on. Now with constituents being able to offer immediate feedback to organizations, they expect immediate replies. CRM systems that offer Social Listening capabilities are important as they help you know and understand what your constituents are saying about your organization. Not only that, these tools allow you to monitor and respond in the efficient manner that people expect today.

6. Good Technology options aren’t just for big organizations

With cloud-based ERP and CRM systems becoming more wide spread they are becoming much more affordable. What we’re seeing is that smaller organizations can now afford to be running a CRM system and in some cases even ERP systems. With more and more organizations implementing ERP and CRM systems, they are getting better access an insight into their data, creating stronger relationships with their constituents and growing their organizations faster than they could before.

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