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Top 10 Creative Ways Colleges are recruiting new students

Posted by Cait Abernethy on Mar 28, 2016 11:51:00 AM


For years, higher education recruiters have used a variety of tactics to try to entice prospective students to apply to their school. However, the era of technology has forced universities to make sure their school stands out by being more creative in the way they recruit new students. Below is a look at the top 10 creative recruiting tips that can help set your university apart from the rest.


1. Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ provide colleges with instant access to many prospective students.

2. Targeted Email Campaigns

Universities have used emails for years as a valuable student recruitment tool. Today, however, schools maintain a comprehensive database of prospective students’ data and demographics, which allows them to send targeted emails that are more effective.

3. Date Reminders

With the use of email and text messaging, universities are sending out date reminders for everything from application deadlines to Livestream events to scholarship deadlines. This helps to ensure that you do not lose a potential candidate just because he/she missed a deadline.

4. Rating System

Comprehensive CRM technology is allowing universities to gather data and to rank prospective students to determine which candidates are most likely to apply at their school, and then rigorously recruit these potential students.

5. YouTube Videos

Colleges are using YouTube videos to highlight everything from the science department to the dorm rooms to the sports teams, and more.

6. Incomplete Application Follow Up

Universities are making good use of their tracking software by following up with prospective students that may have started the application process, but didn’t finish.

7. Livestream and Online Chats

In an effort to increase face-to-face time with the students, colleges are using both livestream events and online chat sessions to talk with prospective students and their parents.

8. Alumni Status Reports

Prospective students want to know how their education will help them in the future. If your school maintains an efficient alumni database, creating an Alumni Status/Salary Report can provide valuable statistics about former graduates.

9. Student Blogs

Many universities have partnered with several current students that already maintain an active blog. By adding a link to these blogs on the college’s main website, it puts the recruit in direct contact with a current student.

10. Phone Calls

Universities have not dismissed the importance of phone calls. However, most colleges use a comprehensive tracking system that allows them to instantly see all communications with each student.


As a university recruiter, you are likely to use several marketing strategies to try to entice new students to your school. This multifaceted approach requires careful tracking of every potential recruit, so a well-designed CRM software system is vital to running a successful recruiting campaign in today’s technical environment.


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